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While any given business can feature a staff of adequate salespeople, it’s the standout performers that ultimately move the needle, both for revenue and overall morale. Those who thrive in sales don’t do so purely on superior product knowledge or conversational abilities alone; they also need the ability to gain a true understanding of what’s best for a customer. Accomplishing the latter takes a discipline that separates the good from the elite.  

Looking to recognize those top-tier performers in the distributor realm, Sanitary Maintenance offers the annual Sales Leader Award program, which gives customers an opportunity to highlight the efforts of their salespeople. In a large pool of worthy nominees, a distinct four were chosen — all of which had extraordinary preparation habits, attention to detail, and a passion to make an impact on customers beyond the exchanging of products or services.  

The 2024 Sanitary Maintenance Sales Leaders are: 
Brent Geis, Sales Executive at The Home Depot Pro
Ian Quan, Sales Executive at Waxie Sanitary Supply, a BradyPLUS Company
Rob Novak, Sales Manager at Capital Sanitary Supply
Glen Huizenga, Senior Sales Leader at Imperial Date

The Sales Leaders Award is an annual award. Nominations for the 2025 Sales Leader will open in the fall.

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