Rob Novak

The cleaning world is fast-paced and dynamic, often requiring visits to places where the hum of scrubbers blends with the clink of spray bottles moving shelf-to-shelf. But as a sales manager, Rob Novak knows how to cut through the noise. This year, the salesperson topping the charts at Capital Sanitary Supply, Des Moines, Iowa, standing as an example of excellence, has earned a special distinction: a 2024 Sanitary Maintenance Sales Leader Award.  

For more than two decades, Novak has been more than just a salesman; he's been a trailblazer of sorts, illuminating a path for colleagues and new hires alike to follow with his infectious enthusiasm and dedication. He joined Capital Sanitary Supply in 2013, and it was instantly clear that Novak wasn't here to follow, he was here to lead. 

That leadership doesn’t take the form of barking orders from afar. As one would expect of a tireless worker, it's about rolling up his sleeves, diving into the trenches alongside his team, and tackling every challenge with enthusiasm. Whether it's unloading trucks at dawn, making emergency deliveries at dusk, or patiently mentoring a rookie, Novak leads by example, proving that true leadership lies in service, not status. 

"Rob doesn't just sell products," says his colleague, Joni Makayla. "He builds partnerships. He listens to customers' woes, anticipates their needs, and crafts solutions that shine brighter than any disinfectant." 

Novak is more than just sales figures around the office; he’s a source of compassion, treating everyone — coworkers and customers alike — with respect and kindness. His positivity and, some might say, unrelenting "YEAH, YEAH, YEAH" attitude light up every room he enters.  

This dedication spills over into his personal life, where Novak is a father to three daughters, cheering them on from the sidelines as their "softball dad." When it comes to measuring success, it’s not just about closing deals — it's about having a rewarding and inspiring experience.    

As Novak says, leadership isn't about titles; it's about service, compassion, and setting an example.   

Even in the bustling world of sanitary maintenance, one person can make a difference, one "YEAH, YEAH, YEAH" at a time.

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