Ian Quan

In a dynamic and fast-moving cleaning industry, Ian Quan has become not just a sales leader; he’s fast becoming known as a collaborative partner, able to transform challenges into success stories. Honored with the Sanitary Maintenance Sales Leader Award, Quan's remarkable contributions extend beyond traditional salesmanship, adeptly feeling out new initiatives and using his prowess to grow professionally and personally.   

Navigating the heightened demands on facilities and businesses of all kinds, especially during the pandemic, Quan’s collaborative approach has been a game-changer. As described by a colleague with over 40 years in healthcare leadership roles, Quan’s knowledge is unparalleled. His ability to seamlessly collaborate on facility maintenance needs and infection control strategies not only streamlines the customer’s job, but has shown to be instrumental in preventing health issues for both occupants and visitors alike.  

The true measure of Quan’s impact lies in his role as an educator. Beyond sales transactions, Quan imparts invaluable insights, teaching others how to create not just aesthetically pleasing facilities, but also ensuring they are safe and sanitary. This collaborative teaching approach sets him apart as not just a salesman, but as a mentor, enriching the same community he serves.  

The respect and praise shared by coworkers and clients alike speaks volumes about his contributions. When Michael Graves at Columbia River Mental Health Services had his introduction to Quan, who was taking over from a retiring consultant, he quickly dispelled the negative stereotypes typically associated with sales roles. Quan’s collaborative spirit is always apparent, as he offers suggestions and insights without applying undue pressure to make a larger purchase or buy an unneeded product.  

Quan’s experience with Waxie has been exceptional. When Graves described his impact on his own career, he goes as far as drawing a parallel to Tina Turner's anthem, "Simply the Best," emphasizing that Quan and Waxie are genuine collaborators. This sentiment underscores the essence of Quan’s approach — not merely a transactional relationship but a collaborative partnership that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of sales.  

His approach isn’t about meeting quotas; it focuses on understanding the unique needs of his customers and working in creative and new ways to address them. He emphasizes his own enthusiasm for problem-solving, known to believe that “becoming part of the team means being trustworthy.” Quan’s talents as an educator often shine through, his quick learning and thoughtful suggestions elevating him to the status of a true partner.  

This recognition is a testament to his ability to blend salesmanship with collaboration and professional development seamlessly. As the cleaning product landscape continues to evolve, Quan’s journey serves as an inspiring reminder that doing the work with an open mind matters most.    

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