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The cleaning industry experienced a number of changes in 2018. We've adjusted as new players entered the market. We've said goodbye to some good friends. We've reexamined traditional cleaning processes. And we've welcomed the emergence of new technologies.

A lot has happened in the last 12 months and nothing tells the story better than a close look at topics that generated the most interest. Here is a breakdown of some of the top cleaning news items from 2018.

1. Amazon Enters The Housekeeping Industry
2. Janitor Risks His Live To Save Parkland Students From Gunman
3. List Identifies Top 50 Bed Bug Cities
4. Jan/San Industry Grieves The Loss Of A Great Man
5. Study Targets Link Between Hand Dryers And Bacteria
6. Big Box Store Removes Nine Chemicals From Store Shelves
7. California Launches Online Registration For Janitorial Service Providers
8. Cleaning Robots On Display At 2018 Winter Olympics
9. Five Essential Hand Dryer Facts
10. Distributors Choose The Industry's Top 40 Products

Others that made the top 20 include:
 • Tariff War Impacts Cleaning Industry
 • Exploding Toilets Prompt Recall
 • These Are The Germiest Places In Healthcare Facilities
 • Hotels Trend Away From Amenity Bottles In Favor Of Wall-Mounted Dispensers