Collection of Toiletries with Face Cloth and Soap

Travelers aren't happy about rumors that a growing number of hotels are moving away from offering individual amenities in favor of wall-mounted options. According to Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports, hotels favor the larger dispensers because they save money, but also because they contribute to green and sustainable initiates — billions of half-full bottles get thrown away every year.

The concept of eliminating small bottles in favor of wall-mounted dispensers is not new. The Best Western Plus Tempe by the Mall, in Tempe, Arizona, is just one hotel that has been using large dispensers for years, and seen great success. Marriott is also making the move toward larger dispensers in 450 hotels at five brands, and plans to expand to 1,500 hotels by January. And InterContinental Hotels Group plans to roll out a bulk dispenser program at four brands this year.

Although hotels expect to hear some criticism regarding the change, there is confidence that the majority of travelers will be happy about the new offerings. WSJ reports that visitors who pack into rooms found the small amenities lacking and difficult to use. Where as the large dispensers offer plenty of stock, are already in the shower, ready to use and clearly labeled without the use of glasses.

Hoteliers also add that changing to wall-mounted dispensers opens up the opportunity to offer higher-quality bath products. As the Best Western found, showcasing familiar soap brands that visitors may use at home helped improve guest perception.

But, not all travelers see those benefits. Some believe eliminating the small amenity bottles will create negative impressions of hotels. According to reports, "removing their prized individual bottles looks like just another in a long string of amenity cuts from hotels, like mouthwash, stationery, sewing kits and pens."

But before naysayers add sabotage and stock to their lists of complaints, manufacturers are on top of it. Wall Street Journal reports that dispensers are locked and tamper-resistant. Most also come with clear windows so housekeeping staff can manage stock appropriately.

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