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The month of October saw many big game players in both the distribution and building service contractor (BSC) market make headlines with significant mergers, acquisitions and facility innovations. With flu season gaining steam and the potential rise in COVID cases set to increase for the holiday months from indoor gatherings, there’s little question why these companies are gearing up to provide the best service for end users. Additional stories making the list include a self-assessment tool for school cleaning, an outsourcing report for cleaning services, and a wacky incident involving a coyote sneaking into a school restroom (don’t worry, nobody was hurt — including the coyote). 

Check out the official list below with links to each of our top stories. As always, we appreciate your continued support and look forward to keeping you in-the-know on all things cleaning!

Cheers and happy November,

The CleanLink Staff

1. Imperial Dade Continues Acquisition Trend

2. Imperial Dade Names 55th Acquisition

3. 4M Building Solutions Acquires Milwaukee-Based BSC

4. Tahoe Supply Opens Sales Distribution Center for Central Texas 

5. Self-Assessment Tool Available for Facility Professionals

6. How Many Facility Managers Outsource Cleaning?

7. Imperial Daze Launches Logistics Hub Near St. Louis

8. Hospitals Set Disinfection Records with New Technology

9. Video Captures Coyote Rescue From Middle School Restroom

10. Study Outlines Best Employee Benefits Companies Can Offer