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The trend of distributor expansion continued in a big way during the month of November, with BradyIFS in particular dominating the top two headlines for CleanLink with significant moves. The distributor's merger with Envoy Solution took the top spot, with a lot of interest also garnered around BradyIFS (and now Envoy) acquiring Qualmax later in the month. Green cleaning was also top of mind for readers, with a lot of focus centered on the potential of biosurfactants for sustainable practices. A proposed ban by the EPA of the toxic chemical TCE also turned heads.

The complete top 10 list for November is available below:

1. BradyIFS and Envoy Solutions Complete Merger Transaction

2. BradyIFS + Envoy Solutions Acquire Qualmax

3. Sustainable Cleaning a Key Driver in Biosurfactant Popularity

4. How Surfactant Use is Expanding in Commercial Cleaning

5. Ban of Toxic Chemical TCE Proposed by EPA

6. What’s Next for the Hand Sanitizer Market?

7. How the Hand Hygiene Market is Evolving

8. Imperial Dade Appoints Chief Operating Officer

9. Data Reveals COVID-19 Vaccination Trends After Latest Rollout

10. 3 Ways Interviewers Can Improve Their Craft