Facility Cleaning Decisions Annual Reader Survey 2016

From budgets to staffing to task management, our 10th Annual Reader Survey reveals what’s top of mind for facility cleaning executives.

The one constant in this industry is that facility cleaning managers are prioritizing the importance of their departments, while fighting for budgets, streamlining efficiencies and retaining a quality staff. According to this survey, those efforts have been successful.

For the second year in a row, the majority of managers are optimistic about their budgets — 65 percent have seen no cuts, while 18 percent expect to see an increase. The result is an in increase in purchasing of products and equipment that lead to cleaning efficiencies. Custodial executives are actively looking for products that are durable, improve occupant health and have earned buy-in from the staff.

Consistent budgets also has facility cleaning managers on the lookout for quality staff members — 41 percent list this as their top managerial priority. Building a strong staff has proven beneficial for managers, who are experiencing departmental efficiencies as a result.

Curious how you stack up to other managers and their departments? Check out the results from our 10th annual reader survey.

The survey is broken out into a couple different categories. Links to each are available here:
Management Priorities
Departmental Budgets
Employee Staffing & Retention
Green & Sustainability Initiatives

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