From budgets to staffing to task management, this survey reveals what’s top of mind for custodial executives.

People change and facilities grow, but what remains constant are the nuances of custodial operations and the shifting priorities of managerial executives fighting for budgets and streamlining efficiencies. The good news is, according to readers, the shifts that have occurred in the last 12 months have been positive.

For the first time since the recession, the vast majority (77 percent) of managers surveyed expect departmental budgets to stay the same or go up. This has resulted in increased purchasing of products and equipment that will lead to cleaning efficiencies. Custodial executives are actively looking for products that are durable, improve occupant health and have earned buy-in from the staff.

Steady budgets also means retention of quality custodial workers. Departments that were forced to cut back following the recession are now able to retain a strong staff that clean effectively.

How does your department compare to others in the industry? The results of this annual survey will help answer that question.

The survey is broken out into five categories. Links to each are avilable here:
Management Priorities
Staffing Trends
Operations Budgets
Purchasing Trends
Green & Sustainability Trends

To compare this 2015 survey with results from previous years, click the links below: