After dealing with the recession and its lingering effects, this 2013 survey suggests that custodial managers have finally found a groove and departments are becoming less affected by the unstable economy.

Although Housekeeping Solutions readers historically believe their departments to be underfinanced, there seems to be less concern that budgets will drop any further. In fact, respondents comment that budgets have leveled out for the third year in a row, resulting in optimistic managers.

As departmental funding remains flat, managers also are becoming less fearful of potential staff reductions, a reality that plagued departments in the past. According to survey results, staffing levels aren't expected to jump to pre-recession levels, but managers don't believe they'll dip again anytime soon, either.

With budgets and labor stabilized, many departments are once again looking to purchase products and equipment that streamline cleaning processes. Status quo these last two years, worker productivity is still driving purchases in 2013. But in addition to products that improve cleaning times, managers are also purchasing based on ease of use. In fact, the demand for easy-to-use products that simplify training, while increasing efficiencies, is up 20 percent in the last two years. With budgets stabilized, quality employees on staff and purchasing once again on the rise, managers remain optimistic for the year ahead. 
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