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Most respondents actively seek the incorporation of green certified products into their programs, while also noting that not all third-party certifications are created equal.

Questions outlining the different aspects of third-party certification for facility cleaning managers include:

  • How important are green certifications for products used within the facility?
  • If one product within the cleaning arsenal is green certified, do you consider the entire cleaning program to be "green"?
  • What percentage of green certified products should be used before a program is considered "green"?
  • How important is green certification for workers in the department?
  • How important is it to achieve green certification for the entire facility?
  • Is the facility working toward green certification awarded by a third party?
  • All third-party green certifications are the same to me.
  • Is more information is needed on the differences between third-party product certifiers?
  • I would like products to list ingredients on their label.
  • We do whatever we can to incorporate green certified products into our cleaning program.
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