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Departmental budgets are always a hot topic for custodial executives. The goal of this section of the 9th Annual Facility Cleaning Decisions Reader Survey, was to outline trends in facility budgets, as well as spending expectations. To do this, we asked custodial executives in K-12 schools, colleges/universities, as well as healthcare, commercial, hospitality and government facilities about their budget challenges and how finances affected their departments. Below are their responses.

Questions included:
Which statement best describes your operations budget?
Has your budget been reduced since 2014?
What adjustments have you made in your program to comply with the lower budget?
Where do you spend most of your budget dollars?
With respect to your department, do you expect the following to increase, decrease or stay the same in 2015?
Is travel included as part of your budget?
Do you travel to industry conferences?
Do you send staff to industry conferences?
How many industry conferences do you or someone from your department attend each year?
Why is attending industry events important?