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In 2014, readers commented that green cleaning procedures had almost become commonplace, and managers no longer had to out of their way to find "green" products or implement cleaning procedures that have less impact on the environment. According to findings from this 9th Annual Facility Cleaning Decisions Reader Survey, that is still the case.

Green cleaning and the implementation of sustainable initiatives within custodial departments continues to grow as appropriate products and equipment becomes both more readily available and more cost friendly.

Custodial executives in K-12 schools, colleges and universities, as well as healthcare, hospitality, commercial and government facilities commented on the following green and sustainable questions:
How important are these statement sin regards to your in-house department?
How long have you been green cleaning in your facility?
What green and sustainable practices are currently in place at your facility?
How has your facility benefited from the use of green products?
Respond yes or no to questions on certification, benefits of green cleaning and certifications.
Do you buy/use products that contribute to sustainable goals?
If you don't already, do you plan on implementing products that contribute to sustainability in the next 12 months?
What types of green/sustainable products are currently being used in your department?
Is it important to you to buy products from manufacturers or distributors who themselves embrace sustainable initiatives?