How can I prevent janitors and building occupants from stealing packets to use in their homes?

With pre-portioned packets you can create a chemical management program that will eliminate theft.  Many customers already have a chemical management program in place.  It can be as simple as replacing packs only when the used pack is returned.

– John Everitt, President, Stearns Packaging Corporation, Madison, Wis.


The advantage of pre-measured products is that Janitors and managers always know how many packs are needed to complete a job, and how many should be left over at the end. There are a number of distribution programs that can minimize pilfering. Tracking usage with packs makes it easy to catch any mistakes before they happen. 

Respect is key in this equation. In ancient mythology, Janus, the “Keeper of Keys” protected the riches of the gods, and “Janitor” is derived from Janus.  In my experience, Janitors who are respected to protect buildings work to maintain that value rather than sabotage it.

— Jerry Goldman, National Sales Manager, PortionPac Chemical Corp., Chicago


I do not think there is one “catch all” solution to a theft problem in the workplace regardless of the product being taken. Packets need to be distributed to cleaning personnel in quantities that fit the needs of the cleaning job.  Like any consumable item, if it is not monitored in some way, then it invites theft, hoarding, and other bad behaviours.

 — Mike Edyvean, Sales Manager, Meterpak Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 



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