Most floor cleaning chemicals are diluted at 2 oz. per gallon of water. I’d like to see it more concentrated, perhaps one ounce per 4 gallons — but in a portion control packet.  Is this possible and will manufacturers bring it to market?

Packets are typically 2 oz. per 4 gallons for everyday floor applications. 1 oz. per 4 gallons is feasible, but Green Seal and EcoLogo limit the toxicity of the cleaning chemical concentrates in packets and higher concentrations result in higher toxicity. Higher dilution rates can be obtained with pre-measured powder packets made with water soluble film. 

— John Everitt, President, Stearns Packaging Corporation, Madison, Wis.


This dilution is available now from some manufacturers. For example, there is a 1.5 oz product mixed with 4 gallons of water, making a 1:341 dilution ratio.

— Jerry Goldman, National Sales Manager, PortionPac Chemical Corp., Chicago



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