What are reasons to choose preportioned packets over wall-mounted chemical dispensing systems? 

BSC customers identify five main benefits of preportioned cleaning materials: 

• Mobility: Janitors can take everything they need with them as they clean the building. Instead of returning to mixing stations to restock, they simply bring along an entire shift’s worth of packets and refill bottles and buckets at the nearest water source. 

• Labor savings: Because janitors can move quickly and efficiently through the building without retracing steps, they are more efficient and that translates to reduced labor costs.

• Control: When the manager distributes the preportioned packets at the beginning of each shift, it is clear how much is needed for each job. Additionally, managers can identify what has been accomplished by counting the remaining packets at the end of the shift.

• Accuracy: By mixing one packet to a bottle or bucket, the janitor knows he or she has the correct product dilution to produce the best cleaning results.  

• Less waste: With concentrated packaging, facility managers no longer have to pay for excess quantities of plastic and cardboard, and janitors reuse durable bottles hundreds of times. The entire facility incurs savings in labor, water and energy.
— Jerry Goldman, National Sales Manager, PortionPac Chemical Corp., Chicago

Four reasons: labor savings; built-in chemical management system; packet dilution system keeps cleaning staff cleaning instead of walking back to wall-mounted chemical dispensing systems; and zero installation and plumbing code-compliance cost, zero maintenance and replacement cost.
— John Everitt, President, Stearns Packaging Corporation, Madison, Wis.

Preportioned packets provide a mobile, compact and simple way to properly dilute cleaning chemicals. 

The packet’s simplicity is the key to its popularity. They are filled with pre-measured product for proper dilution, and color coded for easy identification. In their packet form they store neat and tidy with a small shelf footprint, are economically shipped and can easily be doled out as needed.

From a mobility standpoint, the size of packets allows them to easily be carried on a cart, or even on the BSC’s person, meaning they are not necessarily tethered to a supply closet when in need of a refill. 

Finally, for some customers it is not feasible for them to have wall-mounted chemical dispensing systems because of space, size and cost of the machine or installation/plumbing costs. Preportioned packets provide a solution that is easily scalable to fit that customer’s needs…regardless of size or storage space with no installation needed.
— Mike Edyvean, Sales Manager, Meterpak Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada



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