Are preportioned packets considered safer than other chemical dilution systems?  

Packets are safe to handle with dry hands. Because the chemical is contained and sealed inside of a packet, the chance for contact with the skin or eyes is greatly reduced. 

As an example, I have a customer that maintains chemical toilets for the parks system. The employees would travel from toilet to toilet using a bulk holding tank deodorizer to charge the toilets. By the end of the day, the employee, the truck and any equipment they were using was covered in dark blue dye. We introduced sealed holding-tank deodorizer packets as a solution to them, and it was an instant success. Since the active ingredients are contained in the packet, they no longer have any skin contact with the dye. 
— Mike Edyvean, Sales Manager, Meterpak Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Preportioned chemical products take the guesswork out of dilution and are easier to control than any other method. Compare the simplicity of emptying a pre-measured package into a mop bucket with the messy approach of free-form pouring from a gallon jug into the same bucket. Preportioned chemicals also avoid the safety issues related to automatic chemical dispensing systems, whose dilution can become inaccurate over time if not properly calibrated, and can “backflow” so cleaning material enters the water stream. 
— Jerry Goldman, National Sales Manager, PortionPac Chemical Corp., Chicago

Yes, in order for packets to be Green Seal or EcoLogo certified, the contents may not be toxic or hazardous.  

Wall-mounted chemical dispensing systems’ chemcial concentrate refill modules can be toxic and hazardous as the manufacturers of those concentrates have convinced Green Seal and EcoLogo that cleaning staff will never be exposed to the undiluted contents.   
— John Everitt, President, Stearns Packaging Corporation, Madison, Wis.


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