When choosing between vacuum models, is it better to bagless? Not necessarily as both bag and bagless vacuums have their pros and cons.

The biggest advantage to bagless models is there are no recurring costs. Instead of having to replace a bag every time vacuums fill up, users simply empty the dirt cup. It's also easier to see when it's time to empty debris because cups can be viewed through a window on the machine.

However, these cups also have their disadvantages. When they are emptied, dust can fly back into the air, creating poor indoor air quality. Bags, on the other hand, seal in the dust and dirt during vacuuming and emptying.

Janitors will need to regularly check bags' fullness and replace them before they become overloaded.

As one can easily see, the choice is not crystal clear. In the end, bag vs. bagless units is a matter of personal preference.