Mitigating winter’s effect on carpets Even states that are normally spared snowy and icy winters can get hit with cold precipitation — as many in the southeast United States can attest to this year.

Facilities should do their best to protect carpeting before, during and after weather events that bring occupants into the building, tracking snow, slush, salt and ice melt with them. Carpet extractions in between seasons are always wise, and should be done before and after the winter season, at the very least.

Proper matting is the first line of defense against carpet damage. Another enemy of healthy carpeting is moisture, which can cause discoloration, odor and mold. Entryway matting can greatly improve the life of entryway carpeting.

Entryways should be vacuumed daily to remove debris such as salt and soil, and extracted regularly based on need. If the chemicals from ice melt are allowed to melt into carpeting, they can not only stain it but also damage the fibers.