Jan/san sales reps are finding that customers have less time for them these days. When reps do get a chance to talk to their clients, they should always have something of value to discuss.

In terms of getting in quality time with customers, this a longer-range strategy. As you consistently hold to this principle, over time you'll build up a certain expectation in the customer's mind. Don't expect an immediate payback from this strategy, but, nonetheless, stick to it for the long haul.

Think of the time that your customer does spend with you as an investment by the customer. Put yourself in his shoes, and see the situation from his perspective. Is he gaining something of value from you in exchange for his investment of time? You want the answer to that question to be "Yes."

In order to generate that perception in your customer's mind, make sure that every time you see him, you have something of value to share or to discuss with him. That means something in which the customer is interested. If you have nothing that the customer will think is of value, don't take his time. Wait to see him until you do have something.

After a few such calls, your customer will come to respect you and look forward to your calls, knowing that you're not there just to work some agenda of yours, but rather he'll come to expect to gain something from your sales calls.

You'll find it easier to make appointments and get time with your customers when you've built in them the expectation that the time spent with you will be well worth the cost of it.

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