In a prior article we looked at the process of developing “steps” for starting and maintaining an auto-scrub unit.  The same steps could be developed for any type of equipment that requires regular servicing.   

Operations – 12 Steps (pale blue)

1. Select appropriate water setting and pad pressure.

2. Start pad/brushes and vacuum

3. Lower squeegee

4. Begin scrubbing

5. Monitor recovery tank  for foam and filling to rim

6. Shut off solution

7. Shut off pads/brushes

8. Shut off vacuum

9. Lift squeegee

10. Empty when full into appropriate sanitary system – NEVER dump on ground or in storm drains

11. Continue scrubbing – repeat steps 1-5

12. Refer to Step 4 of Start Up when solution tank is empty

Shutting Down Unit  - 7 Steps (red)

1. Turn the machine off

2. Lift up/lock and inspect squeegee

3. Remove pads or brushes – clean if needed

4. Empty, rinse the recovery tank & vacuum shut off

5. Be sure to leave caps/tops open so tanks can air dry

6. Wipe down outside of unit including wheels

7. Charge battery using correct charger

The suggested laminated cards could be colored (green for go, blue for maintain, red for stop) so that as the worker was trained in proper operation and maintenance, the cards could be used to reinforce key points. 

Your comments and questions are always welcome.  I hope to hear from you soon.  Until then, keep it clean…


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