Poor disposal methods of feminine hygiene products have plagued commercial cleaners for years. To avoid plumbing issues stemmed from flushing tampons and pads, disposal units should be available in every women’s restroom.

There are a few basic types of disposal units available (most come in stainless-steel, chrome or baked white-enamel finishes). The first option is a recessed receptacle that is installed in the restroom stall partition, either as a single-stall unit or a double unit shared by users on either side of the partition.

Another option is a single- or double-stall unit that sits on the floor. To minimize touch-points some of these floor units can be opened using a foot-pedal or motion-activated sensor.

The most affordable and often the most common receptacle is the wall-mounted unit designed to service each individual stall.

No matter which receptacle is used, it is important to remember that the most important feminine hygiene product is the disposal unit. It safely collects and holds used and discarded materials until the cleaner can remove them from the restroom.