Some superheroes leap tall buildings in a single bound, and others are billionaires with lots of gadgets. Some get their powers from science experiments gone wrong, others are exceptionally smart. There’s no one attribute or skill that makes a superhero heroic.

The same goes for a Sales Leader. What defines a Sanitary Maintenance annual Sales Leader award winner? It’s someone with impressive sales figures, yes, but it’s also someone who provides a snapshot of what makes this industry great.

A Sales Leader may be a salesperson who takes pride in keeping up with the changing times, or one who will literally answer her phone anytime and anywhere. It may be a rep who came out of nowhere to lead a company’s sales force, or one who seemingly never plans to retire. A Sales Leader may even be someone who will push back against authority if it means doing right by his customers.

We asked distributors and end users to nominate the best employees, colleagues and reps, and there were dozens of deserving nominees. The definition may be difficult to pin down, but we think you’ll agree that these five reps are Sales Leaders by almost any measure.

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2014 Sales Leader: Tom Jeannette, KSS Enterprises