Do you run analytics? What has the data shown you? What changes have you made based on the information?

We do run analytics in regard to online users and email marketing efforts. Although we are in our infancy with the analytics, we have seen significant differences in how people respond to online and email communications. We are continuing to find what works better. It's an ongoing thing.
— Scott Uselman, Manager and Director of Sales, High Point Sanitary Solutions, Houston

We do run analytics on our sites. The data shows us where people come from as well as what they are mainly looking for. This has allowed us to make changes to the pages we promote so that the data people are searching from is more readily found so they stay longer on the site and explore deeper. It is all about finding out what the customer wants and making it easy, simple and relevant.
— Eric Cadell, Vice President of Operations, Dutch Hollow Janitorial Supplies, Belleville, Illinois

Absolutely. It shows us that by having robust content and a very interactive website, those using the site shop more and add items. The numbers have been steadily increasing over time, and we are continually adding and enhancing cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
— Jim Smith, Executive Vice President, HP Products, Indianapolis

The analytics we have utilized are from our third party hosted site. It show us the optimal weekdays and time of day for inquiries. We use analytics to determine geographical location inquiries, the percentage of sales target success and the average number contacts to open an account. It has also enabled us to improve our customer service response levels.
— Linda Silverman, President, Maintex, City of Industry, California

Yes. Knowledge is power and data provides some great ways to uncover what we are doing well and where we need improvement.
— Chris Nolan, President, H.T. Berry, Canton, Massachusetts

Yes, since the launch of our new site we are gaining substantial traffic, but we need to understand how to convert this traffic to leads and sales.
— Mark Melzer, President, NASSCO, New Berlin, Wisconsin

Yes we keep track of hits on YouTube among other tools.
— George Abiaad, President, Royal Corp., Santa Fe Springs, California

Dan Weltin is the editor-in-chief of Sanitary Maintenance and Contracting Profits

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