How is your company preparing to deal with a potential e-tailer threat? 

By continually recruiting quality sales professionals to service the customer and offering value-added programs, products and systems. Since we have eight divisions, we offer more to the customer in varying disciplines that our customers want, and back that up with exceptional service.
— Jim Smith, Executive Vice President, HP Products, Indianapolis

H.T. Berry continues to re-invest in our solutions platforms for our current and future clients. We have to continue to drive home that the jan/san distribution channel is a specialized profession that cannot just be limited to a nice image and a sharp price on an e-tailer site.
— Chris Nolan, President, H.T. Berry, Canton, Massachusetts

We continue to build our e-commerce capabilities and it is a constant work in progress. We also strive to become experts in the areas of health and efficiency in order to offer more value-added services to our customers.
— Mark Melzer, President, NASSCO, New Berlin, Wisconsin

We have beefed up on online presence and our partnership with our manufacturers so that we can provide products faster and more efficiently to our customer base. We also have put together rewards programs and other such “gimmics” that e-tailers offer and provide them to our customers. When we add the local and personal service with being able to do everything the e-tailer can do, the customer almost always  chooses local when all else is similar.
— Eric Cadell, Vice President of Operations, Dutch Hollow Janitorial Supplies, Belleville, Illinois

By providing product knowledge and relentless service.
— Andrew S. Parker, Vice President, T. Frank McCall's Inc., Chester, Pennsylvania

We have just begun implementing new software which will enhance our storefront and website capabilities. One of our most important company strategic initiatives is our website and online ordering update. We are focusing on SEO and ensuring we are ready for the rapidly emerging changes our industry. Younger generation buyers immediately search for products and solutions online. Our company must have a robust online presence to remain relevant.
— Linda Silverman, President, Maintex, City of Industry, California

We focus on limited market segment and we offer an extensive value-added proposition and expertise to those markets.
— George Abiaad, President, Royal Corp., Santa Fe Springs, California

Dan Weltin is the editor-in-chief of Sanitary Maintenance and Contracting Profits

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