Oliver Denoff and Gordy Gillette
Oliver Denoff, right, with Gordy Gillette, the company's director of marketing and inside sales Photo Courtesy of SupplyDen

SupplyDen has made three hires to its sales team in the five years since Denoff reconfigured the company’s hiring process. That system will be put to an even bigger test as the company aims to hire a new worker every six to eight months to accommodate its growth, which has been consistently strong for several years. In February, the company moved its headquarters from Rochester Hills, Michigan, to a sprawling facility in the nearby Detroit suburb of Auburn Hills.

At 70,000 square feet, SupplyDen’s new headquarters is double the size of the company’s original home, which will allow the company to maintain its current growth, improve warehouse capacity and better accommodate deliveries. Denoff says the company will expand a bit geographically starting at the areas it was already serving.

“It’s very important that we maintain a balance between our quickly growing e-commerce business and our local customer base,” Denoff said when the company announced its expansion in January. “Our goal is to provide the same great level of service no matter how you purchase your supplies or what state you need them shipped to.”

It’s easy to tell SupplyDen values the business brought in via e-commerce. In an industry where many companies have failed to accept the importance of an online presence, SupplyDen’s website stands out. It’s sleek, modern and easy to navigate. Like some other jan/san distributors, the company makes blog posts using original content that helps keep the site’s visitors informed on important issues.

“Although there are plenty of potential customers in our geographic area, the internet puts us in front of the entire country,” says Gillette. “This market is crucial for our future growth.”

SupplyDen strives to provide a robust, user-friendly experience in the e-commerce portion of the business. The company hopes to leverage this technology to better serve existing customers.

“Not only does our increased web presence bring us new customers, it also provides more tools for our existing customer base to do things like check their order status, account balance, order history and more,” says Gillette. “The more we can automate these account maintenance tasks, the more time we have for servicing customers as well as finding new ones.”

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