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From left: Jeff Heeren, RJ Schinner; Mike Tarvin, Multi-Clean; Meredith Reuben, EBP Supply Solutions

‘Provided Our Industry With A Forum’

My involvement in the sanitary supply industry now spans 46 years. It would obviously be trite in saying we have experienced dramatic changes in the industry.

However, one foundational piece, a constant for an amazing 75 years has been Trade Press Media Group and Sanitary Maintenance.

Sanitary Maintenance has provided our industry with a forum, as well as lifted industry awareness that was desperately needed. Our whole industry has been the benefactor! We at RJ Schinner have greatly benefited shortening our learning curve with industry information, as well as via advertising and our ability to share the RJ message through multiple platforms of Trade Press. 

On a more personal level, companies are made up of individuals that make a difference. One of those difference makers has been Bob Wisniewski, who called Sanitary Maintenance home his entire career. I had the pleasure of knowing Bob from his days as publisher on through owner to now retiree. Bob is a gentleman and consensus-builder extraordinaire, and his presence will be missed.

Our collective hats need to be tipped to Bob for his commitment to the industry, as well as to his company and the employees that helped us all move forward. Congratulations on your 75th and to your new incarnation as part of FORUM MEDIA GROUP!

— Jeff Heeren, Senior Vice President of Business Development, RJ Schinner, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 

‘Strives To Make Distributors And Their Sales Staffs Better’

Over our company’s 72 year history, Multi-Clean has keenly focused on the value distributors and professional salespeople can offer to the customer. In today’s competitive marketplace, manufacturers and distributors must work diligently to differentiate themselves from a growing list of formidable competitors. 

Multi-Clean has chosen to advertise with Sanitary Maintenance because the magazine constantly strives to make distributors and their sales staffs better. As a distributor-focused manufacturer, we continue to envision a bright future for janitorial and sanitary supply distributors. It only makes sense that our company use Sanitary Maintenance to deliver our message.

Our company chose to advertise in the Sanitary Maintenance 75th Anniversary issue because we had such a strong response to our participation in the 70th Anniversary issue. Looking back at the history of some of the companies and the changes that have occurred in our industry is truly enjoyable.

— Mike Tarvin, Vice President, Multi-Clean, Shoreview, Minnesota 

‘Has Consistently Been An Educational Resource’

Throughout its 75 years, Sanitary Maintenance has consistently provided EBP Supply Solutions with information, inspiration and community connectivity that has made this publication a leading jan/san resource to our company. 

One of my favorite sections is when the magazine profiles other distributors, which not only connects our industry on a personal level, but benchmarks best practices. 

Sanitary Maintenance has consistently been an educational resource, providing a platform that manufacturers have used to share the latest industry innovations. Every issue provides an overview of product categories and the latest applications and processes for our customers. These “mini-courses” elevate everyone on our staff. 

Throughout its years, Sanitary Maintenance has pushed our industry to embrace technology and invest in digital transformation to compete with other channels. Its articles have deftly explained the technology and linked the advantages of adoption with real industry benefits such as superior customer service, improved productivity and greater speed to market. 

Finally, Sanitary Maintenance has been an important forum of industry news, informing us of developments within our distributor and manufacturer networks. We look forward, with excitement, as Sanitary Maintenance continues to adapt and provide important information to our jan/san channel. 

— Meredith Reuben, CEO, EBP Supply Solutions, Milford, Connecticut

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