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From left: John Swigart, Spartan Chemical Company; Rory Beaudette, ACS Cleaning Products Group; Jon Scoles, Scoles Floorshine Industries

Since Sanitary Maintenance’s inception, distributors, manufacturers and other members of the supply chain have written to express their appreciation. Here’s a sampling of what the magazine means to the jan/san industry today. 

‘Helped Us Build Our Brand’

From the beginning, my grandfather had a simple business plan…manufacture quality products consistently, and build an organization aligned with independent distribution. Today a lot has changed. We’ve grown to have a global presence, with an international network of distribution, plants in 12 countries, and a team of highly trained sales professionals across the United States to service our network of distribution. Even with all of that change, the commitment to innovation, quality and distribution remains unwavering at Spartan Chemical. 

For over 60 years, Sanitary Maintenance has been an important part of Spartan’s advertising strategy. It has helped us build our brand and promote new products and services to distributors. Congratulations to Sanitary Maintenance for 75 years serving distributors and wholesalers of facility maintenance supplies.

— John Swigart, President, Spartan Chemical Company, Inc., Maumee, Ohio

‘Thankful For Their Support’ 

ACS Industries began in 1939 in Providence, Rhode Island. What many people don’t know is that ACS originally was American Copper Sponge. This copper scourer was the very first product produced. It was a huge innovation in those days to be able to take textile weaving machines and transform them to be able to weave wire.

This very first product later became known as Chore Boy and other iterations including stainless steel scrubbers. This was the starting point to the Foodservice Disposables Category, including hand pads, sponges, soap pads, grill bricks, etc. Some 80 years later, ACS is the leading supplier of this category in the industry.

In the 1990’s, ACS recognized that product line expansion was necessary. A decision was made to begin producing mops, brooms and brushes, which could be sold to foodservice distributors, as well as floor maintenance pads for jan/san. This is when we began with Sanitary Maintenance; our goal being to reach the jan/san market.

It was a crowded space with many brands and manufacturers. ACS used Sanitary Maintenance to deliver its full jan/san bundle of cleaning products message to the market.

In 2017, ACS 
acquired both ETC and Treleoni. Our growth in jan/san has exceeded expectations and we are thankful to Sanitary Maintenance for their support. We are ACS Cleaning Products Group today and we are a loyal monthly advertiser.

— Rory Beaudette, Vice President Sales and COO, ACS Cleaning 
Products Group, Lincoln, Rhode Island

‘Always Been My Go-To Publication’

Since coming into this industry, back in February 1972, Sanitary Maintenance has always been my go-to publication for industry news. I read it every month and, like most people of my generation, I still like holding it in my hands instead of reading it online.

One of my favorite sections these days is called Freetime written by Gretchen Roufs, who I have had the pleasure to know since the late 1980s. Gretchen has always had a wonderful gift with words and her articles highlight industry people outside of their work environment. I was even honored back in 2014 with an article about my group of college friends who still get together every year for our Coyote Open golf outing just to keep connected. They were all excited to be recognized.

Congratulations to Sanitary Maintenance for 75 years of excellence in furthering the professionalism of our industry and for being a huge personal asset for my 46-year career.

— Jon Scoles, President, Scoles Floorshine Industries, Farmingdale, New Jersey 

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