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From left: John Lombardo, Unger Enterprises; Steve Lewis, Golden Star; Robert Robinson, Kaivac

Committed To Providing The Best In Cleaning Knowledge’

Since 1964, Unger has built its business by working with and listening to our business partners and end users, developing solutions that help save time and money, while obtaining superior results. 

Through our partnership with Sanitary Maintenance editors and readers, we’ve developed relationships that span decades because we are equally committed to providing the best in cleaning and maintenance knowledge throughout the industry. 

We have been fortunate to reach a widespread audience and congratulate Sanitary Maintenance on its longstanding commitment to inform its readership of best practices in this incredibly important industry.

— John Lombardo, Vice President Global Marketing and Sales, Unger Enterprises, Bridgeport, Connecticut 

‘A Strong Voice In The Community’

Golden Star’s journey began over 110 years ago, modestly manufacturing polish mops, an innovative way to care for the country’s newest revolution, the Ford Model T. We began out of a single facility in Kansas and have since grown to six facilities worldwide. 

Since our founding in 1908, we know that survival wouldn’t be possible without growth and change, while maintaining the stability we have come to know. Part of achieving these goals comes from a trusted relationship with our customers and communication with community. Sanitary Maintenance has been our trusted partner in that arena for 75 years. 

With each new product, and with each up and down in the marketplace, we have trusted Sanitary Maintenance with education and news to keep the cleaning community up to date. 

Sanitary Maintenance has been a strong voice in the community, educating and facilitating growth among all its members, and, for that, Golden Star thanks you.

— Steve Lewis, President, Golden Star, Overland Park, Kansas

‘Help Professionalize The Industry’

My history in the professional cleaning industry goes back nearly 40 years. I started as a janitorial distributor. At that time, Sanitary Maintenance was about the most important publication in the industry. 

When it arrived, I invariably stopped everything — if I could — and would leaf through the magazine. Consistently, it was packed with news, issues and events happening in the industry, as well as practical advice, discussions of new tools and equipment, and ads of interest for people in our industry.

In many ways, it helped me start Kaivac, or at least realize the need for equipment like our no-touch cleaning systems. It has always seemed to me that some of the goals of Sanitary Maintenance were to help professionalize the cleaning industry and help cleaning workers realize they are professionals. These have been my goals as well.

When we first introduced our no-touch cleaning systems, our ads in Sanitary Maintenance, as well its articles about our equipment, helped us significantly. Remember, this was an entirely new cleaning concept at the time. So, we had some “splaining to do,” as to how these machines worked, their features and benefits. 

With Sanitary Maintenance’s help, we were able to attain distribution internationally and won three of its Distributor Choice Awards.

We are deeply grateful for all this publication has done for us and our entire industry.

— Robert Robinson, Sr., President and Founder of Kaivac, Inc., Hamilton, Ohio

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