‘The Perfect Environment To Discover Innovation’

     Betco Corporation’s philosophy is to examine the marketplace, identify the need and develop superior products and programs. With decades of “industry firsts” such as Ax-It Rinse Free Stripper and Betco Best LM, Betco changed from a leading private brand supplier to the fastest growing worldwide brand.

     Sanitary Maintenance allows us an open forum for discussions and feedback on product developments, regulations and procedures. With our mantra being, “Let us help you build a better business,” SM gave our distributors the perfect environment to discover the innovation behind our Green Earth BioActive Solutions, Clario Skin Care Program and other great products. Congratulations on 70 years of being a friend to the industry.

— Paul Betz, President and CEO, Betco Corp., Toledo, Ohio

‘Always Been Respected And Believable’

     ProTeam pioneered the first successful backpack vacuum cleaner and the Team Cleaning program built on Cleaning for Health. Our product and path to market was unique, and we could not have changed thinking without education.

     Sanitary Maintenance teaches others about better products and processes largely regardless, and independent, of advertising.
     Through its substantive approach to articles, SM explains what works in the field, and what doesn’t. This helped us like few other channels did because SM content has always been respected and believable. High-integrity editorial provides effective packaging for our process, and context for our advertising, and for this reason, SM was an integral part of ProTeam’s outreach portfolio.

     We have been pleased to support this publication over the years as we have grown into a full-line provider of state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners. Without the steadfast editorial and education resource SM provides, we could not have achieved the success we have through the intelligent distributors comprising SM’s readership. Congratulations to SM for 70 years of communications excellence.

— Larry Shideler, Founder of ProTeam (retired), Boise, Idaho

‘I Learned So Much From The Articles’

     Our industry has been fortunate to have such an effective trade press organization. I know that Harry Apple was a pioneer and played a key role in the development of the janitor supply industry.
     But as for my personal experience, I joined the Hild Floor Machine Company as marketing manager in 1956 and almost instantly found out that Bob Apple and Sanitary Maintenance was one of the few, and certainly my major, source of knowledge to understand the needs of distributors and the market. It was a time of great change and Sanitary Maintenance was a source of stability and an understanding of what our customers needed.

     It seems to me that I learned so much from the articles they published and the information they shared. Most important it was all done with integrity that was somewhat a rare commodity. There were no “puff” articles put in just to promote a large advertiser or fill the space, a standard that I am sure was hard to maintain.

     Almost amazingly the transition continued from Bob Apple to his associate Bob Wisniewski and Sanitary Maintenance improved on its professionalism and telling our industry how to survive and thrive in an age of consolidation and increased professionalism.

Congratulations on your 70th anniversary and best wishes for continued success with guiding the cleaning industry.

— Marvin Klein, PortionPac Chemical Corp., Chicago

‘Known For Journalistic Integrity And Objective Information’

     Tornado dates back to 1927 and since Sanitary Maintenance first came into existence 70 years ago, we’ve considered them a valued communications partner, and the premiere, trusted educational source in the janitorial supply industry.

     Known for exercising the utmost in journalistic integrity and providing objective information that is free of self-serving product bias, Sanitary Maintenance has always been Tornado’s “go-to” source over the years for print or digital advertising, helping us reach our buyer. Sanitary Maintenance communicates directly with our target audience — the jan/san dealer market —in a way that has strengthened our brand, increased equipment sales and grown our business.

     We thank Sanitary Maintenance for its industry leadership and support over the years, and congratulate them on this momentous occasion!

— Michael Schaffer, President, Tornado Industries, West Chicago, Ill.

‘Always Reported With An Independent Appraisal’

     Sanitary Maintenance magazine has long served as the conduit between manufacturers and distributors in our industry.

     It has always reported change in our industry, with an independent appraisal — allowing the marketplace to determine what products or concepts will succeed or fail. They have grown from black and white to color.

     It’s been easy for Spartan Chemical to support this leading trade magazine for so many reasons. I’m confident that on this 70th anniversary, it is not the end, but the beginning of many more important dates still to come.

     Congratulations to all Sanitary Maintenance employees on 70 years of success.

— Steve Swigart, President, Spartan Chemical Co., Inc., Maumee, Ohio

‘A Legacy Of Excellence’

     I can’t believe Sanitary Maintenance is 70. If we all could have aged half as well!

     Magnificent first memory: the privilege of meeting founder Harry Apple. Mr. Apple was introduced as the visionary leader of our industry. I couldn’t have been over 12 years old then, but as I became more involved in the industry I quickly realized how true those words were.

     Underscoring his love for this industry, Harry served — voluntarily — as secretary of the National Sanitary Supply Association (now ISSA) during World War II. Through this administrative experience, previous trade magazine involvement and a supreme belief in the future of our industry he also founded Sanitary Maintenance magazine during this time... in his 60s no less!

     They say the Apple doesn’t fall too far. Harry was succeeded by his son, Bob, and the publication continued to flourish as the voice of our industry. No wonder Harry and Bob have both been honored with ISSA’s highest award.

     Vividly I recall the day Bob introduced me to another Bob Wisniewski. One could immediately see the “new Bob” was the carefully selected successor/owner who has continued to elevate the standards of trade magazine journalism that only could be done with the passion he and his staff share with the founders. As an industry we’re extremely fortunate to have had this legacy of excellence.

— Gary Gradinger, President, Golden Star Inc., Kansas City, Mo.

‘Leaders In Providing Timely Information’

     It’s hard to believe Sanitary Maintenance is 70 years old! It just goes to show that putting out a good product, every month, is a recipe for success. I have been in this industry since I was quite young, and remember always seeing Sanitary Maintenance at Buckeye International, and previously, at Davies-Young. Together, we have all been partners in this industry.

     Sanitary Maintenance has been part of our advertising plan because they are respected as leaders in providing timely, relevant information. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them into the future. Again, congratulations on 70 years!

— Kris Kosup, President and CEO, Buckeye International, Inc., Maryland Heights, Mo.

‘Cornerstone Of Our Industry’

     I feel like a puppy compared to the life span of Sanitary Maintenance. Even though I am coming up on completing my 47th year in this great industry I can’t imagine what it would be like to celebrate 70 years.

     Without a doubt SM has been one of the cornerstones of our industry for as long as I can remember. I waited anxiously each month to receive my copy so I can see what the lead story was going to be, or which company was featured in that issue. I am proud to have played even a small part as an Advisory Board member, a contributing writer (Equipment Repair) in the ’90s, an advertiser, and being called frequently on what my opinion was on a given topic. My fondest memory was the feature article the magazine did on our family business, Aalen Aides Inc., in 1983. I still have that multi-page feature framed on display as a warm memory of the good old days.

     As long as Sanitary Maintenance is there to hold us together I believe our industry is safe and secure. Thank you to all who have contributed over the past 70 years and I look forward to the future of SM.

—Phil Consolino, President, Integrity Synergistics, Peachtree City, Ga.

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