‘An Important Outlet For ISSA Members’

     Early on, the National Sanitary Supply Association trade show wasn’t large enough to show all the products manufacturers could offer, so Sanitary Maintenance was an important outlet for our members to promote their products. In fact, when I worked for Breuer-Electric, Sanitary Maintenance was an economical way to get our products in front of distributors.

     Sanitary Maintenance was the main industry outlet the association could use to promote its launch, as well as publicize functions, news and events. It wasn’t until many years later that ISSA launched its own member publication.

     I believe the success of our two organizations have been intertwined over the decades because of the value we brought to one another. While Sanitary Maintenance gave ISSA a platform to reach non-members, ISSA gave the magazine a platform to reach an expanding pool of advertisers and readers. As each of us has grown, we have expanded opportunities for the other.

— Jack Ramaley, ISSA Executive Vice President 1975-1987

‘Absolute Standard For Information’

     Not exactly words associated with the facility maintenance industry. But, upon reflection, when one takes a look at our business today and that of 70 years ago...it has come a long, long way.

     Clearly all within the industry have and continue to turn to Sanitary Maintenance magazine as the absolute standard for information coupled with the many and varied industry details and changes.

     Reflecting on any area, from sales channel change, chemical development, or equipment range to all the incredible labor saving and safer cleaning accessories that have evolved to today’s standard — in each area the consistent, reliable and authoritative resource has been Sanitary Maintenance.

     As we continue to build our mutual businesses, overall awareness of the world we live in is growing. Never before have we experienced the level of product systems and innovative methods as we see in today’s world. We are all comfortable in knowing that Sanitary Maintenance will be the ultimate and timely resource. The resource that we can continue to learn and provide the positive platform that our industry has reached in the marketplace.

— Randy Brame, Vice Chairman and CEO, Brame Specialty Co., Inc., Durham, N.C.

‘Our Programs Grew Due To SM’

     Congratulations to Sanitary Maintenance magazine on 70 years of serving the sanitary supply market.

     After serving as a factory rep and a distributor salesman, I joined the late, great Oscar Koeppel. Oscar and I joined forces and traveled the United States and Canada doing our Classic Cleaning Course cleaning seminars for distributors and their end-user customers. And we also conducted Selling Skills Seminars for the distributor salespeople.

     We ran ads in Sanitary Maintenance to promote our services to the distributors that would sponsor the Classic Cleaning course. It really paid off and led us to some of the biggest and best distributors in the United States and Canada. Our seminars and training programs all grew due to Sanitary Maintenance helping us spread the word.

     Oscar was writing articles for Sanitary Maintenance at that time and got me started doing the same thing. One time I had a large distributor take me into his sales training room and show me my articles posted around the room and told me how much they helped him in his sales training for their salespeople.

     Thanks again for the great job Sanitary Maintenance magazine has done for our industry, and here’s to many, many more years.

— Maurice W. Dixon, Dixon & Associates, Minneapolis

‘Trusted To Have The Scoop’

     Sanitary Maintenance magazine, and now their digital online edition, is an integral part of our business. The magazine is a constant source of valuable information on all aspects and components of our great industry. Whether discussing the impact of new regulatory requirements a manufacturer must adhere to, different ideas on how to workload various types of buildings, or what the next “big idea” in cleaning is, Sanitary Maintenance can be trusted to have the scoop.

     When I first started in the industry I relied on SM to bring me the critical information I needed to succeed in business — and I still do. As soon as the magazine hits my desk I scan for stories I want to read and then stick it in my briefcase. When I get a few minutes waiting for an appointment or having lunch I pull it out and read something helpful.

     Congratulations SM on your 70th and wishing you many more to come.

— Peter Henson, President, Henson Sales Group, Wayne, Pa.

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