‘My Choice For Updates On Industry Topics’

     Congratulations to Sanitary Maintenance on your 70th anniversary. In today’s ever changing marketplace, 70 years in business is an enormous accomplishment.

Sanitary Maintenance is the valued publication that our Maintex sales and customer service team looks to for industry insights. Whether it is reading articles on workplace wellness, increased productivity or cleaning techniques, we find the information presented in Sanitary Maintenance is always relevant and informative.

     The articles cover a wide spectrum of topics, from business management and updated technology to cleaning product enhancements — everything is there. The Cleanlink.com website is easy to search and is my choice for daily updates on industry topics.

     Today, our industry is inclusive of manufacturers, distributors, facility managers, executive housekeepers and contract cleaners. Trade Press Media Group serves the entire industry through various publications and offers insightful knowledge. The information both printed and online is accessible to everyone in our organization and is a key tool in keeping us informed about industry trends.

Sanitary Maintenance and its parent organization Trade Press have been vigorous supporters of the cleaning industry. Thank you for all that you do and congratulations on 70 years.

—Linda Silverman, President, Maintex Inc., City of Industry, Calif.

‘Captures The Essence Of Our Industry’s Pulse’

     Congratulations to Sanitary Maintenance magazine for 70 successful years of print. You’ve been an important resource for those of us in our industry who remain committed to a professional and strategic approach to growing our companies in this significant market.

     Over the years, Brame has invested in many product groups to attract specific market segments. None have been as rewarding as our involvement in the field of sanitary maintenance. There is a genuine familial quality to the many businesses with which we partner. I believe Sanitary Maintenance magazine endures because it consistently captures the essence of our industry’s pulse and reflects in a positive and consistent voice the changes and nuances of our people, product and companies.

So for the many of us that have made the jan/san industry our home, thank you

     Sanitary Maintenance magazine for being there for us, professionally promoting, unselfishly, the best and brightest happenings in our industry. We look forward to 70 more years.

— Randy Brame, Vice Chairman and CEO, Brame Specialty Co., Inc., Durham, N.C.

‘Excellent Insight Into The Industry’

     It is with great respect for the industry and for a company that has represented it for so many dedicated years that we wish Sanitary Maintenance a very happy 70th anniversary.
I have been involved in the sanitary supply industry since the age of 12 when my dad, Morrie Wax, would take me to work with him in the summertime where I would do odd jobs, assist customers and sweep the warehouse. I fell in love with the business and couldn’t wait to graduate from college so I could join the company full-time. I have now worked for the company for over 40 years.

     Along the way, I learned from industry veterans like my dad, my uncle Harry, WAXIE’s customers, vendors and countless WAXIE employees who dedicated most of their adult lives to make WAXIE the company it is today.

     I started reading Sanitary Maintenance during those early years when I was trying to learn everything I could about the industry. I have always found it to be a great resource for industry information that is current and relevant and it provides excellent insight into the industry. My dad used to read it regularly because he wanted to make sure that WAXIE stayed ahead of the trends and brought the right solutions to our customers; it was a good resource for that.

     At a time when non-traditional distributors are entering the space of jan/san, it remains critical that the industry has the best, most informed resources available; Sanitary Maintenance delivers on that end.

     Once again, congratulations on reaching such a monumental milestone and much appreciation for the many years of excellent industry content.

— Charles Wax, Chairman and CEO, WAXIE Sanitary Supply, San Diego

‘It Has Kept Us Current’

     NASSCO has been receiving Sanitary Maintenance magazine for the past 58 years. I have always found it to be inspirational, as it has kept us current on industry trends, product innovation, latest procedures, upcoming trade shows and events.

In 1995, we formed the Southeastern Wisconsin Sanitary Supply

     Association (SEWSSA) with 10 local distributors and two staff members of Sanitary Maintenance magazine, Rob Geissler and (then managing editor) Austin Weber. In 2008, we were joined by current Editor-in-Chief Dan Weltin. Both Rob and Dan served as president and were instrumental in helping make our Operation Clean Sweep a huge success for many years.

     I would like to congratulate the entire staff at Sanitary Maintenance magazine for bringing value to our industry for the past 70 years and wish you continued success.

— Gene Melzer, CEO, NASSCO, Inc., New Berlin, WI

‘After 40 Years, I Still Read The Magazine Every Month’

     I, like a lot of you, grew up in this industry. I fondly remember unloading box cars of paper and semi-loads of cleaning products in our old multi-story facility on Madison Avenue, while I was in high school. The building was “state of the art” back in the ‘60s and had a beautiful mahogany paneled foyer with elegant furniture including an antique buffet. This is noteworthy because it served as a display case for all of the issues, current and past, of Sanitary Maintenance magazine.

     P.B. gast & sons company has been a loyal subscriber to Sanitary Maintenance for many years and the magazine was my first primer into the cleaning industry. I used to take some of the old issues home with me, which provided me with the latest products and procedures that ultimately prompted my decision to join the family business after I graduated from college.

     Now, after 40-plus years in the industry, I still read the magazine every month and keep up with the CleanLink.com e-mail updates to keep abreast of the industry that is a very big part of my life.

     Happy 70th birthday to you.

— Fritz Gast, Executive Vice President, p.b. gast & sons. Grand Rapids, Mich.

‘Has Remained Relevant For Seven Decades’

     In a global economy and ever-evolving marketplace in which change has become the norm, we are constantly bombarded with myriad information: new definitions, tweets, blogs, podcasts, new products, new mergers, new microbes (and the return of some nasty old ones), new regulations…the list goes on and on.

     Yet, Sanitary Maintenance has remained relevant for the past seven decades by engaging in all this and using timeless principles in listening and knowing its audience. With readers’ ever-evolving needs, SM respects the most valuable and precarious asset we have, which is our time, by diligently deciphering and dissecting all that fuddle and bringing it forth in a simplified sequential clarity as an effective tool for its audience and readers.

     These tools, whether it may be ideas, products or news, have been successfully conveyed in an intertwined manner with personal stories that reach the mind, but more importantly, touch the person.

     Congratulations to the entire team of SM for 70 great years and a job well done.

— George Abiaad, President, Royal Corp., Santa Fe Springs, Calif.

‘A Must Read To Stay Abreast Of The Industry’

Hercules & Hercules Inc. (HHI) has been in business for 35-plus years and will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2015. As business grew the decision was made to move to larger facilities. Today, the business is centrally located in an industrial hub of Detroit, with 60,000 square feet of warehouse and training complex.

     Through all the growth spurts we have always referenced Sanitary Maintenance as an authority on processes, new products, technology and, most importantly, overall industry trends. Our company has looked to this subscription for many years (first by taking copies from the ISSA shows).

     There are many contributing factors to the success of HHI, but if you ask me, it’s the company’s quest for knowledge that was achieved through information obtained by subscribing to Sanitary Maintenance magazine. It has assisted in making some key decisions in our business. It is an excellent resource for obtaining knowledge and a must read for the employees to stay abreast of the industry. I continually tell my staff, “Take it home — read in your spare time!”

     The HHI Team would like to congratulate SM on its 70th year anniversary!

— Belinda Jefferson, President, Hercules & Hercules Inc., Detroit

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