Marianne Abiaad talks business with Rob Mouw and Anna Lemus
Marianne Abiaad talks business with Rob Mouw and Anna Lemus PHOTOS COURTESY OF ROYAL CORPORATION

Working at the heart of the industry, Marianne, George and the rest of the team at Royal are able to see the formulation of trends within jan/san distribution. Lately, with COVID-19 impacting so much of society, they have seen the popularity of PPE skyrocket. Sensing the trend early, Royal was able to change up its strategy so that it can focus on PPE and the fact that it's a vital component to cleaning and disinfecting programs.

"We believe this segment will become the norm for the foreseeable future and will be the demarcation line in which distributors will be tested to their speed of adaptability," says George. "It starts by having the right domestic and global sources that will support in times of shortages and scarcity, to knowing how to bundle the newly emerging products effectively."

Royal has been blessed with consistent, organic growth that keeps pace with the company's ability to meet its client's needs. And while they prefer to do business this way, the company has watched the recent pattern in which bigger distributors expand by buying out other smaller distributors — a route George expects to become even more popular moving forward.

"We certainly have observed the growth by acquisitions in particular the last few years," says George. "We believe it will continue as many other channels see how lucrative the chemical and PPE market demand is and numerous verticals [continue to] encroach on it."

Regardless of what other jan/san distributors try to do, Royal will stick to its old ways. That is to say the company will continue to be grateful for the business it receives and stay focused on the customers who have helped to make its successes happen.

"We have been so blessed with people impacting our lives and enriching them by their presence, from customers to vendors, to team members," says Marianne. "And for that we are forever thankful."

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