This is the eighth part of an eight-part article about Maintenance Mart distributing jan/san supplies for the Super Bowl.

In the end everything came together without a hitch.

“I’m not sure if I called and needed something last minute,” says Callender, “but I’m sure if we did, they brought it right over to us. That’s the type of relationship we have with them.”

Maintenance Mart had distributed jan/san supplies for high-profile sporting events in the past, including NBA and MLB all-star games, as well as two locations for the 2013 World Baseball Classic. But none of these events fully prepared Maintenance Mart to handle supplying the Super Bowl. Instead, says Riley, it was constant communication with University of Phoenix Stadium management that allowed the event to run so smoothly, at least from Riley’s perspective.

“During that time we were literally on the phone many different times during the day, after hours — mostly after hours, because those guys were in meetings all day long and then couldn’t really catch up with us or send us orders or anything until nighttime when they could break away from everybody,” she says.

Both Riley and Kraus say it’s hard to quantify the marketing boost received from being associated with the Super Bowl. Some of the company’s social media posts received about 10,000 views, however, and Riley says 2015 has already proved to be a remarkable year, with January and February sales up about 26 percent from 2014. The exposure from the Super Bowl also helps Maintenance Mart strengthen its relationships with its other customers, says Kraus.

Both Riley and Kraus believe those are valuable returns — and they didn’t have to spend 4.5 million on a 30-second TV spot.

Kraus calls this a “once in a lifetime” opportunity, but with sales numbers like those, Riley is hoping that’s not the case. After all, Arizona is a perennially popular location for the Super Bowl and University of Phoenix Stadium also hosted the event in 2008.

“We would love for the Super Bowl to come back, and the Pro Bowl,” says Riley. “And we would love to be a part of it. And I’m sure we will be.”

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