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As expected, hygiene and infection control remained the primary topics of conversation among facility cleaning managers as the new year began dealing with many of the same pandemic issues that defined 2020. That didn't stop readers from taking a break from those discussions to check out our annual management survey revealing top cleaning trends, or some of our feel-good stories, such as chronicling the life of a beloved school custodian.

Other notable topics from Facility Cleaning Decisions involved organization tips, including microfiber usage, hand towel setups, evaluation of programs and more. Enjoy the top 10 stories of 2021!

1. Hand Hygiene Tips For Healthcare Facilities — Infection control depends on both hand hygiene habits and equipment upkeep

2. Management Survey Reveals Top Cleaning Trends — Survey reveals growing respect and resources for cleaning departments

3. How The COVID-19 Pandemic Changed Cleaning — Cleaning execs discuss overcoming pandemic challenges and future operational plans 

4. Reinforcing PPE Best Practices — Future demands for PPE require facility management to get creative 

5. Maintaining Respect For Custodians Amid Reopening — Playing your part as a facility occupant

6. The Ultimate Custodian — Marcos Orozco uses experience, listening skills to shape lives in the custodial industry  

7. Healthy Facilities Go Beyond Disinfecting — Focus On What You Can Control

8. Key Benefits Of Hand Towels, Dispensers — Experts talk health, sustainability benefits of hand towels 

9. Color Coding Microfiber Improves Processes —  UC Riverside improves processes by introducing color-coded microfiber programs 

10. How To Evaluate Your Cleaning Program — A Cleaning Audit Will Validate Your Efforts