Microfiber cloths

The University of California, Riverside (UC Riverside) employs roughly 150 custodians as part of the Custodial and Housekeeping team. Responsible for cleaning roughly 6 million square feet of space on a daily basis, the Riverside, California-based team is constantly on the lookout for productivity advantages that support the program's sustainable initiatives.

One way we have found to enhance our sustainability footprint and improve our best practices is to implement a complete microfiber cleaning program into our existing protocols. That program has been a part of our processes for many years. It has allowed us to affectively lift dirt, bacteria and moisture from surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals, all the while helping to create a healthy environment for our students and staff.

Although the program has been working well, we are always looking to grow and improve. Last year, we switched to using a color-coded system where we use different colored towels for specific cleaning tasks and areas in an effort to prevent cross-contamination.

"The employees were very receptive to the idea of having color-coded towels for specific cleaning tasks," says Sandra Martinez, custodial manager. "Implementing the program resolved the issue of which towel to use in a specific area when a custodian was sent to cover another location."

Not only was the change well received by the cleaning staff, the timing was perfect to elevate our program. Building occupants are more aware of cleaning operations now than ever before. We have shown our campus occupants that the UC Riverside Cleaning and Housekeeping team is doing everything we can to mitigate the spread of pathogens on our campus.

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