Close-up March 2022 desk calendar on yellow background.

As COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions continue to be relaxed and lifted, the future looks bright as it pertains to the continuation of full-scale re-openings for facilities. The biggest hits of March showed quite a range of topics unrelated to the pandemic, however, from reports on industry trends to the story of a school custodian who transforms his daily experiences into a widely successful social media career. 

There's much to be discovered here in case you missed it. Check out the top 10 news stories from March, and cheers to the month ahead!

- The CleanLink Staff

1. Survey: Handwashing Down 25 Percent Since Start Of Pandemic 

2. 5 Public Restroom Trends For 2022 

3. Strategies To Hire, Retain More Custodians 

4. How Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine Impacts The Cleaning Industry 

5. Toilet Seat Market Set For Big Rise 

6. School Custodian Living Comedic Dream As Viral Internet Sensation 

7. Gearing Up For National Cleaning Week 

8. 4 Questions That Evaluate Cleaning Performance 

9. OSHA Virtual Event To Share Best Practices On Workplace Safety 

10. Imperial Dade Acquires Veritiv Canada