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As per usual in the heart of holiday season, infection control was top of mind for distributors, building service contractors (BSCs) and facility cleaning managers alike last month — as threats such as Monkeypox permeated and new concerns including RSV entered the fold. That wasn't all that readers in the cleaning industry were buzzing about, however. Hiring tips and recruitment continue to stay on the radar, ranging from recruitment to how marijuana legalization affects potential candidates in the job market. 

Check out the list below for all the best CleanLink had to offer for December 2022, and we look forward to keeping you in-the-know on all things cleaning in the months to come!


The CleanLink Staff

1. Cleaning RSV: What You Need to Know

2. Twitter HQ Custodians Abruptly Locked out of Facility After Failed Contract Negotiations 

3. Kaivac Acquires Ohio-Based Manufacturer

4. How Recent Marijuana Legalization Affects Hiring Prospects

5. Monkeypox: What Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities Need to Know

6. Contract Cleaning Services Market Slated for 5-Year Growth Beyond $150 Billion

7. Imperial Dade Acquires Ohio-Based Distributor

8. Longtime Cleaning Consultant Shares Best Practices for Recruiting and Retaining Employees

9. 4 Hygiene Tips to Kick Off National Handwashing Awareness Week

10. How to Write a DEI Statement for Your Cleaning Business