Cleaning Summit Hiring Presentation

Whether you’re a distributor looking for a new salesperson or frontline cleaning manager looking to fill-out your team, no one is safe from the perils of hiring in the modern job market. From job descriptions to the best way to keep in touch with candidates, the goalposts on best practices seem to shift year-go-year without hesitation. 

To help make sense of the complexity, Ron Segura, president of Segura & Associates, taps into his decades of experience in the commercial cleaning industry to share what recent tactics work best for hiring managers. Segura has over 56 years of industry experience, a decade of which was spent overseeing 4.5 million square feet worth of outsourced services for the Walt Disney Company. In addition, he has 21 years of consulting experience, working with hundreds of cleaning companies to revamp their hiring and recruitment process while staying within their respective budgets.

In this education-themed CleanLink Summit presentation — “WHERE ARE THE APPLICANTS? A Guide to Recruiting and Retaining Employees” — Segura covers the following topics in-depth, explaining how the approach or expectations have changed in recent years and what hiring managers need to do to keep up with the pace: 

• Creative solutions to staffing issues

• How to develop a marketing program for recruitment

• Why streamlining the onboarding process is important

• 10 different ways to retain employees


For $29, you can access Segura’s entire presentation here spanning over 30 minutes, including a follow-up Q&A session where some of these key topics are revisited further. This presentation is one of many opportunities available at the CleanLink Marketplace — the one-stop shop for insight from many of the cleaning industry’s brightest minds.