Colorful recycle garbage bins for waste separation

The younger generation is made up of "planet-savers," according to Earth911 reports, and they are demanding eco-friendly facilities, programs and products. In turn, facility cleaning executives are paying attention and responding with initiatives that will reduce, reuse and recycle.

According to Earth911, colleges, universities and school districts are actively exploring zero waste programs to boost their eco-friendly initiatives and programs.

Western Washington University is one campus that has implemented and is already benefiting from sustainable programs. They currently have waste sorting guides, programs to collect unwanted household materials on move out day, and solar-powered waste stations. They also just implemented composting on campus.

Composting was considered after waste audits revealed that 10 percent of landfill-bound trash included coffee cups — a compostable product — and a group of green-minded students took notice. According to reports, "the program launched in fall 2018. Students living on campus receive personal compost bins and free biodegradable liners. When needed, students dump their personal compost outside in large compost bins situated near each hall. The large bins are connected to the city’s residential composting program."

For more information about the programs at Western Washington University and how to launch programs in your facility, click here.

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