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Custodians in Denver receiving the minimum wage will get an hourly raise of $1.42 per hour starting in 2023 to $17.29, as reported by The Fort Morgan Times. The raise, which was calculated with the Consumer Price Index (CPI), is aimed to offset inflation in the Denver area, notes mayor Michael B. Hancock. While acknowledging that the wage increase will place additional burdens on local businesses, Hancock says the decision was deemed necessary to ensure employees can sustain an acceptable quality of life. 

The wage increase comes as one of multiple increments since a 2019 vote from Denver City Council. At the time of the vote, the minimum wage in the city was just $11.10. Part of the legislation includes a requirement starting in 2023 to set minimum wage increases off of CPI recommendations, helping to ensure wage raises keep pace with the rise in general prices for goods and services. Other sectors in the city are following a similar tune. Back in July, Denver Public Schools announced that of the 2024-2025 school year, all employees at the district will receive an elevated minimum wage. As of this month, the district aimed for a $20 minimum. 

Denver is one of many cities revising its minimum wage to account for inflation. Recently, the City of Austin in Texas made a proposal to elevate the minimum wage to $22 per hour. For related content, check out this recent piece on what cleaning professionals can expect with inflation and what they can do to best combat the issue.