lots of toilet paper rolls. soft hygienic paper. close up

A New Jersey-based paper mill that recently reopened a year after a fire destroyed its property is now the one delivering emergency support in a time of need.

Marcal Paper is coming in clutch by producing toilet paper product that has been in scarce supply since COVID-19 became an issue in the United States, reports northjersey.com.

Marcal paper is staying open 24/7 to keep up with the public's needs. The company is currently producing about 170 tons of paper towels and toilet paper a day and that doesn’t even stay ahead of demand. Marcal has even sold some of its reserve paper towel and toilet paper supplies.

The company says it slowly began to see an uptick in paper demand in the most recent weeks of the U.S. COVID-19 outbreak. Then this past weekend the demand became considerably larger.

It’s been a really busy year for Marcal Paper. Not only is it putting production into overtime just weeks after re-opening, but it also merged with a tissue and napkin provider from Pennsylvania.