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One man is dead and another 10 hospitalized after the incorrect mixture of cleaning chemicals created powerful toxic fumes.

Authorities say a chemical reaction occurred in the kitchen area of a Buffalo Wild Wings franchise in Burlington, Massachusetts, reports, WCVB-TV. One of the employees then attempted to transfer the chemical, sodium hypochlorite, outside of the building. This exposure to the chemical caused the employee to be rushed to the hospital, where he later died.

All workers and customers were evacuated from the sports bar following the incident. It’s reported that 10 of these individuals checked themselves into a hospital after experiencing eye irritation and difficulty breathing.

The Interim Burlington Fire Chief says the chemical that caused the issue is commonly used for floor cleaning and that a type of reaction led to the incident.

Unfortunately, hospitalizations caused by improper chemical use are not too uncommon. Just this past summer, CleanLink reported on separate incidents in which employees misused drain cleaner and water treatment product. Both incidents resulted in hospitalization.

To better ensure safety, here are six tips on how to properly handle cleaning  chemicals.