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After a serious winter storm impacted the Western Sacramento area over the weekend on Jan 8., over 120,000 businesses and homes were still without power the following day according to coverage from Reuters. The severe rainfall and heavy winds have left roads in a perilous state, as rock slides, fallen trees and flash flooding appear omnipresent. 

These storms unfortunately have been a constant for nearly two weeks now, with California governor noting that at least 12 fatalities have been recorded as a result. As of reporting, additional forecasts of cyclones remain that could cause further damage into the Central and Northern California regions through the middle of this week as well. 

In these types of treacherous situations, it can require exterior maintenance and cleanup crews to jump in on the frontlines, sometimes in situations that can be unprecedented for them. To help with cleanup refreshers as well as future preparation tips as additional storms loom, check out the following CleanLink resources to get disaster crews back up to speed — as well as to spread best practices to citizens impacted in the area:

7 Tips for Emergency Preparedness Preparation: A handy list for a facility to mitigate potential damage, including how to conduct a hazard vulnerability assessment, create a response plan, backing up important data, and more. 

Key Cleaning Resources for Disaster Preparedness Month: Access to multiple toolkits for disaster cleanup tips, as well as common compliance failures that can occur during disaster recovery efforts. 

How Cleaning Can Help Businesses Survive Storms: Advice for restoration and cleaning companies for how they can help businesses minimize storm damage and set themself up for a safe response plan.