What are some of your biggest challenges with training new recruits?

Some of the biggest challenges with training new recruits are overcoming budget restrictions, changing the mindset of how to clean properly and why, and the importance of using sustainable products and technology.
— Ada Baldwin, M.R.E.H., Director for University Housekeeping, North Carolina State University

The biggest challenge is to not overwhelm the new person with too much information. The process should take several days of one-on-one time with their supervisor to learn the job. 
Too often, the supervisor is too busy to train the new recruit and instead partners them with a seasoned employee for training. The seasoned employee most likely is going to show the new employee the short cuts or how to game the system. If the supervisor makes the investment of the time to insure the new employee is comfortable in their new role, the payoff will be enormous for the supervisor.
— J. Darrel Hicks, R.E.H., Director of Environmental Services & Patient Transport, St. Luke’s Hospital

Training new recruits can be difficult if English is not their native language or if the individual has special needs. It’s important to take the time necessary to make sure they clearly understand your expectations. It is also challenging when new recruits are not really interested in school maintenance/housekeeping, but are required to seek employment due to unemployment compensation guidelines.
— Michael Gutierrez, Manager of Building Operations, Milwaukee Public Schools

New hires that come with previous experience can be a huge challenge. Many times they can be difficult to re-train to our methods due to being set in their ways by their previous employer.
— Doreen Bessert, C.E.H., Worksite Placement Coordinator, Custodial Supervisor & Central Purchasing Agent, Maitowoc County DPW

It can be challenging to train staff without first knowing how they learn best — visually, written, verbal, etc.
— Steve Spencer, Facilities Specialist, State Farm Insurance

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