Tammy Justice: Justice For All
Tammy Justice tackles whatever task needs to get done in order to keep the team on track.

Tammy Justice, Manager of Housekeeping, Mail Services, Shipping & Receiving and Surplus
University of North Carolina Asheville

You may need to pause for breath when reading Tammy Justice’s job title. She is the manager of housekeeping, mail services, shipping and receiving, and surplus at UNC Asheville. But what impresses people most about this “Tammy of all trades” isn’t her laundry list of job duties; it’s her positive outlook and infectious enthusiasm.

“Tammy does a great job with an attitude that’s helpful,” notes David Todd, director of campus operations. “People see her willingness to take things and run with them, and that encourages them to do the same. Her positive attitude is contagious.”

Justice began her career as a housekeeper and was soon promoted to team leader on the night shift. In 2003, when the current housekeeping manager retired, she took on his position. Over the years, as the department restructured and downsized, Justice’s title upsized. She began taking on new roles, as well as oddball tasks that Todd had a hard time finding a home for, such as purchasing uniforms.

“Tammy is very organized and capable,” says Todd. “As different opportunities have come up, she’s stepped up to the plate, taken on those tasks and done well at them. And that’s resulted in her taking on even more tasks. With everything on her plate, I know if we had several housekeepers call in sick today, Tammy would be out there cleaning toilets and not even bat an eye.”

Justice is well respected by her staff, and her diligence does not go unrecognized.

“Tammy does everything,” says Janice Bass, housekeeping supervisor. “I think people that do as much as she does deserve to be recognized. She listens, and she’ll let you know what she thinks and feels, but she’s very fair.”

Justice, in turn, always finds time to recognize her staff for a job well done.

“Every summer we have an end-of-year party to show everyone our appreciation,” says Justice. “And during International Housekeeping Week, we go all out: Every day, each staff member finds a special treat or a handwritten thank-you note in their box, and we cook breakfast every morning. Janice helps me cook, and David has come in and helped me flip pancakes. I just want folks to know that I appreciate what they do, and they’re the reason we’re a success.”

Despite her chock-full schedule, Justice and her staff give back to the community, as well, sponsoring children through a local charity during Christmas.

“We contribute what we can, and then have a huge party where we bring treats and wrap the gifts,” she says. “We make a big difference in a lot of kids’ lives.”

Indeed, Justice makes a big difference in a lot of people’s lives on campus, too — but she prefers to share the limelight rather than bask in it.

“My director, David, challenges me, and if I feel overwhelmed, Janice takes on a lot of the paperwork and helps me get through the day,” she says. “My staff and my director make me a good manager.”

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