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To kick off the "2023 Facility Cleaning Decisions Management Survey", Facility Cleaning Decisions polled custodial executives in K-12 schools, colleges/universities, hospitality, commercial, healthcare and government facilities on the top management priorities. Some of the many questions asked included:

• What percentage of your cleaning operations are outsourced?
• How many years of experience do you have in facilities/cleaning management?
• What is the top management priority you plan to emphasize int he next 12 months?
• What type of technology 9is used within the cleaning department?
• Do you have a succession plan in place for your replacement or that of a manager on your team?
• What areas within the facility are most challenging to keep clean?
• Do you feel safe from outsourcing?
• How do you keep outsourcing at bay?
• What are the most important cleaning priorities within your facility?

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