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In our 9th Annual Facility Cleaning Decisions Reader Survey, we asked custodial executives in K-12 schools, colleges/universities, as well as healthcare, commercial, hospitality and government facilities about the staffing challenges that they currently face. Below are their responses.

Questions included:
 • Do you support employee certification/accreditation or offer advancement opportunities to your cleaning employees?
 • What is the average employee turnover in your facility?
 • Which employee issues have the biggest impact on your cleaning department?
 • Do you believe your turnover rate is lower, about the same, or higher than other facilities?
 • On average, how long does the typical janitor stay with your company?
 • What is the Number 1 reason janitors leave your department?
 • Do you believe that your department is adequately staffed to complete the cleaning needs within the facility?
 • It is important that cleaning crews…
 • Do you plan to add staff to the department in the next 12 months?
 • What retention strategies have you tried with your janitorial staff?
 • What are your starting salaries for new cleaning workers?
 • Which screening processes do you use when hiring janitors?

Click here for more information/results from this survey.

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