Understanding IoT In The Cleaning Industry

Internet of Things (IoT) technology uses sensors placed inside products to capture data and upload it to the internet to be accessed in real time. In the cleaning industry, this technology is being utilized in large and small floor and carpet care equipment, restroom dispensers, waste receptacles, chemical dispensers, and even in a facility itself to track janitors.

IoT presents numerous benefits. For example, with equipment, building service contractors can use the technology to locate missing machines, monitor run times, predict maintenance problems, and gauge the proficiency of janitors. Then, in the restroom, IoT can send alerts when dispensers are about to run out of stock. In addition, the usage data provided by IoT-equipped dispensers can be mined to create more accurate cleaning schedules.

Despite all these benefits, IoT isn’t catching on quickly in this industry. Unfortunately, the technology still presents quite a few challenges that need to be addressed. That’s why Contracting Profits asked members of its advisory board to share how they see IoT impacting their companies and the cleaning industry in general.

Contributing to our roundtable discussion are:

Laurie Sewell, President and CEO, Servicon Systems, Culver City, California

Nathalie Doobin, Owner and CEO, Harvard Services Group, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Mary Miller, Owner and CEO, JANCOA Janitorial Services, Cincinnati

Paul Senecal, Managing Partner, AffinEco, Bridgeport, Connecticut

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