Defining Internet Of Things Technology
The Contracting Profits Advisory Board: (L-R) Laurie Sewell, Servicon Systems; Nathalie Doobin, Harvard Services Group; Mary Miller, JANCOA; Paul Senecal, AffinEco

How would you define Internet of Things technology?

Laurie Sewell, Servicon Systems: “Things” Wi-Fi enabled to connect with each other and to collect and provide data.

Nathalie Doobin, Harvard Services Group: The internet of things is all about inter-connection. The connection between devices regardless of the type, the information they provide fed through the internet and eventually how it is manipulated into a format that can provide insights.

Mary Miller, JANCOA: Anything that creates connectivity through the internet that shares information.

Do you plan on incorporating internet of things technology into your operations?

Paul Senecal, AffinEco: Slowly and after they are proven in test mode.

Laurie Sewell, Servicon Systems: Yes. I expect by quarter one of 2018. We see some advantages, but also some hurdles with our clientele regarding security issues related to Wi-Fi-enabled devices in their facilities. We are waiting to see how the technology develops and how it can reduce our costs.

Mary Miller, JANCOA: I have always embraced new technology and opportunities to increase the value we deliver to our customers. That said, I also proceed with optimistic caution to expensive new technology. The short answer is that I look forward to seeing how some of the IoT works before creating major change for our customers or our team members.

Nathalie Doobin, Harvard Services Group: We have had IoT in our business for close to 10 years. As an example, we have been using smartphones to collect quality assurance and work order management data, as well as utilizing QR codes in a wide variety of situations.

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